About our company

Offeraprice.com.au has been created to provide an avenue to goods or services in a very unique way - by offering YOUR BEST price on the product. With the motto “Where the price is right” we aim to create an extensive demand network, based on individual needs and affordability. The focus will primarily be on brand items and quality merchandise, which fall into the following categories.

• Over supply stock line items
• Superseded stock line items
• Clearance sales
• Promotional sales
• Liquidation sales
• Targeted audience sales
• Designated sales
• General Sales

Expect to buy products at a reduced price.

We at www.offeraprice.com.au aim to provide purchasers a product where you, as the consumer, determine how much an item is worth to you and then OFFER YOUR PRICE. If successful you get a great deal on your terms and if the offer is rejected you can make as many offers as you like!

By registering with this website, you eradicate the luck component and expose yourself to a plethora of opportunities to purchase products as they become available, through the www.offeraprice.com.au network.